Outstanding Couple

I found Patrick and Bridget Holleran of Keller Williams realtor to be an outstanding couple for handling the sale of my father’s home. They handled everything from helping us take care of the house with the minor repairs, to the advice on things that needed to be worked or changed. They really got involved with discussing avenues available to us and with their assessments, allowed us to put the house up in the best light possible. Of course, having a million-dollar view of Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs had a great influence on the sale of the house as well. Pat being former military as was my dad and myself, put us not only at ease but on an equal level that allowed us to see the history of the home through my father’s eyes. This was more than just getting the best price for the home. It was also about hoping that a family would see the history of the house and find it was just the right fit for them. Patrick listened to the stories that my father told me, and of the times we flew together or talked about combat missions and seeing the world, and he understood the camaraderie and the history of my father and myself and where we were at the time my father passed away at the age of 92 (the last of the greatest generation). This understanding exceeds more than just selling a piece of property. The house was my father’s history and Pat understood the work and pleasure that my mother and my father had invested in their home. If anyone wants a team that works closely with the owners, and appreciates the homes of their clients, you could never ask for a better team than Patrick and Bridget Holleran.

My thanks to Pat and Bridget for the fantastic work and the understanding.

Major Michael D. and Lauresa K. Vargo

USAF (Ret)