The Ones You’ll Want

Patrick and Bridget are the ones that you’ll want on your side whether you are buying or selling. We know from experience! A few years ago, Pat became our realtor when we bought our first home in Colorado Springs. And ever since then, Pat has always been our realtor, advisor, and friend. Recently,  we sold that same home with Patrick and Bridget as a team. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. You will immediately recognize their knack for professionalism. But then you will soon learn that you have met two genuine people who are going to put the work in for you to meet your goals. Pat and Bridget came to our house countless times to advise us on different matters from “when” to sell to which renovation projects would actually benefit us. They helped us get our home looking great, sell ready, and all within our small budget. They recommended us a trustworthy lender that has helped us work towards our financial goals over the years. With our financial and life goals in mind, they helped us weigh the options for selling our home vs. turning it into a rental investment. We couldn’t believe how much Pat and Bridget were advising we could put our house on the market for. They were right, of course! The day our house went live on the market, the showings and offers just kept on coming. Thanks to their marketing/business strategies, we had a lot of attention immediately. The hot market of Colorado can be crazy when it comes to buying and selling. You need realtors who are fast, aggressive, knowledgeable, and have your interests in mind. If you are looking for a realtor, take a look at these reviews. After you have Pat and Bridget help you with your home buying/selling process, you will be on here doing the least you can do and letting others know of their extraordinary abilities in real estate. We are blessed that we have created a relationship with these guys! Please give them a call and see what all this rave is about